sodaTop Ten things I’ve learned about running a meeting management company, I could probably add 10 more every month… but for now here are my top 10.

  1. Be flexible

    Recently while talking to a prospective client I was asked to describe a time when I had to quickly, and on site solve a problem during a conference. I could have given them a 100 examples. This is what separates the professionals from those who occasionally plan meetings and events. No matter how much we #planahead being flexible, and ready to adapt to the client or attendee’s needs at all time sets professional meeting planners apart from doing it yourself.

  2. Be ethical

    You wouldn’t imagine this needs to be said. But we are all budget conscious, time crunched, and sometimes feel like taking the easy way out. Resist. In this field you are only as good as your word. Keep that in mind at all times

  3. Be on time

    If you can’t be punctual how can you run a great meeting? You can’t. If you can’t be on time. Be Early.

  4. Keep your promises

    Again. Your word. Keep it.

  5. Stay one step ahead of changing trends and technology

    Ok, hands up if you struggle with this one. Schedule it. Follow your favorite bloggers. This will keep you and me in business for another 20 years.

  6. Continuing education

    If you are a Certified Meeting Planner, recertify every 5 years. This is the best way to ensure you are up to date. Again, plan for this don’t look at is as something to do when you have the time. It is an important part of staying relevant in an ever changing industry.

  7. Keep good records

    Have you ever had to re-create something that you did 3 years ago? Not fun, not a good use of time, not cost effective. If you are not organized with the behind the scenes part of your business. Stop. Schedule the time to do it now. You won’t regret it.

  8. Surround yourself with good people!

    I am so lucky to work with the most amazing clients and team. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the people I work with. If you are not working with people you enjoy. Find new people. I promise it is life changing.

  9. Don’t be afraid to say how good you are

    If you aren’t will to say how good you are. Who will? How will people find you and know how amazing you and your team are?

  10. Plan Ahead!

    Obviously I can’t say enough about this. If you want to know more about how to plan ahead, contact me and my team will be happy to help you plan for your next meeting or event.