untitled_design_1As we celebrate the holidays, To Plan Ahead is honored and blessed to be celebrating 20 successful years in a business in a climate where companies are here one year then gone the next.

I was recently asked, what was our secret to being great meeting planners? What was the magic that enabled us to thrive in such a competitive field, actually growing stronger year after year?

Well, there is no secret and certainly no magic. With over 20 years of meeting planning experience and a tremendous rate of repeat business, we take care of the details so that all you have to concentrate on is making your meeting a success. This includes pre-planning to determine your desired outcome, meeting logistics, risk assessment and management, contract negotiation and all the ‘behind the scenes” minutiae. We set the stage for you both figuratively and literally.

Before the person came out with the clever “kiss” idea (keep it simple silly), we were actually doing just that. Keeping it simple for our clients. We have always felt that as successful managers, you certainly knew why you were having a meeting, what your objectives are, and what you want to accomplish. We also know that as managers you are privy to the personalities of the attendees and what motivates them. Our approach is and has always been to give you a clear path to implement your game plan. We found out early on that when you did not have to worry about all the “little things,” your success rate went through the roof.

So I want to thank all our family of clients that we have worked with over the years, and to personally invite anyone interested in having a great meeting to call us and become part of our family. At To Plan Ahead, your success is truly our success.