Our Team

Beth McTeer
Meeting Assistant

Elizabeth McTeer is an experienced and accomplished marketing manager and special events planner with 15 + years experience, having worked in both the public and private sectors.

Her background includes work in both traditional for-profit management settings, as well as virtual business communities. True to her hands-on style and energetic personality, Elizabeth chose to homeschool her two children through their elementary and middle school grades. In addition to the home school curriculum for her own children, she also became homeschool coordinator for a broader regional homeschool group during this time.

Her duties there involved event planning, facilitating meetings, and coordination of curriculum fairs (including vendors, guest speakers, and training sessions).

Upon re-entering the workforce, Elizabeth worked for a national non-profit organization where her responsibilities included fundraising, bookkeeping, management of all contributions, event planning, office management, and youth camp organization.

Elizabeth has also worked as a virtual assistant involved in an array of activities including writing/editing (marketing copy, dissertation edits, etc.), social media management for authors and business owners, database creation and management, professional research, and event planning.

In addition to her career accomplishments, Elizabeth's varied interests include serving as a volunteer at both the middle school and high school levels. She is also proud to have served on the board of directors of the North Carolina Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, as well as on the advisory board of a local college.

Fun Tidbit: Elizabeth is known as her neighborhood's "Annie Oakley" and is quite the accurate marksman. Her skills have come in quite handy when an occasional black bear has chosen to frequent her home every now and then. Elizabeth also has a quirky obsession with binder clips and is skillfully adept at customizing them for various jobs and occasions.