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Airbnb Meetings- Sharing, it’s a good thing, right?

The new sharing economy is everywhere we have all heard of, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, KickStarter & possibly even the non-profit Kiva. But have you heard of DogVacay, TaskRabbit, ParkingPanda, (hmm I am starting to sense a trend here?)  Or other room rental sites like FlipKey, Roomarama or One Fine Stay?  What about Breather.Com, for meeting

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Top 7 Ways To Ensure Your Meeting Attendees are Engaged

 Ensuring Engaging Events. 7 ways to ensure your attendees are engaged and have a great experience. You spend hours planning a meeting, and your client spends tens, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars to put on the event, and the participants, are giving precious time to attend the meeting.  So, expectations are high, you

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Webinars vs. Face-to-Face Meeting vs. Hybrid Meetings

Choosing the best type of meeting can be difficult. To Plan Ahead, LLC has created a 10 question guide to help you determine the best meeting for your situation. 1. Why are we having this meeting, what do we hope to accomplish? The most important element of any successful meeting is to have clearly defined

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