Our Team

Mary Hogue
Meeting Planner

Mary Hogue began in the training and meetings industry in 1978 when she began a 27-year career at Sonitrol/Advantor Corporation, a company involved in the highly technical field of electronic and surveillance. As Vice President of Operations, she managed programs and departments relating to the effective operation of 178 franchises along with government and international divisions. These departments included corporate training, franchise quality assurance, insides sales and a department devoted to large-scale on-site installation and service of computer based monitoring systems.

Mary created and managed incentive programs to improve technical performance and reward franchise employees for their services. She was responsible for the planning and development of several national conventions each year and conducted 20 training/certification programs annually. Planning these events led Mary to her love for the meeting industry.

Upon retirement from Sonitrol, Mary became an independent contractor providing planning and on-site management of meetings. She travels extensively for many companies and began working with the team at To Plan Ahead in 2006.

Fun tidbit: Did you know Mary was the youngest female police officer in the State of Florida when she graduated from the academy at 19?