Speaker Coordination

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Find a speaker. Book a speaker. Seems simple enough!

Yet, of all the planning pieces we weave together to produce your conference or tradeshow, your meeting, retreat or event, the piece that we call Speaker Coordination is arguably the busiest of all.

Which is why we planners refer to it as, 'Busy Work.'

The Busy Work begins with you. Together we sit down to uncover your meeting goals and objectives. What's your over-arching message? What are the learning takeaways? Which format will work best with your attendees: an intimate conversation, an interactive session or a podium presentation? Perhaps it's something else entirely. Format options are many; choosing the right one will make an impression. We'll help ensure it's a good one.

Next: We get busy sending out calls for speakers' abstracts. And in they come. And come. We organize the mountains of paperwork, so you don't have to.

Speakers selected, we're busy again. Now it's time to deliver speakers' acceptance letters and guidelines. We're providing instruction on presentation preparation, deadlines for biographies and headshots, and if applicable, copyright agreements.

We love and admire our speakers, but they can sometimes be a tardy lot (they're busy, after all). And so WE get busy with last-minute t-crossing and i-dotting.

That done, we upload your final program to the agenda or mobile app. And finally, we rest. But now your meeting is about to begin. We are needed on-site. That's right: It's time to get busy!

Our speaker management process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Identify paper/abstract deadlines
  • Send out initial Call for Papers/Abstracts
  • Follow-up and solicit papers when necessary
  • Engage keynote speaker
  • Speaker notification
  • Provide presentation guidelines and support
  • Collect final presentations and coordinate appropriate technology on-site
  • Provide final paper guidelines and coordinate collection
  • Collection of biographies/resumes
  • Coordinate copyright agreements
  • Handle speaker logistics, including hotel accommodations, transportation and any special needs

I would also like to congratulate Ms. Linda Nelson and people of To Plan Ahead for their excellent organization and assistance during the recent Conference.

Monte Lauro Jose de Barros, Electronuclear