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Linda Nelson, CMP
Linda Nelson, CMP

Before I became a Certified Project Manager, and a Certified Meeting Professional, I had the misconception that to manage and organize multiple tasks that have critical deadlines is a natural skill-set that everyone has. However, I discovered that just because it’s easy for me, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy for everyone else. I have an innate ability to look at the desired outcome of a project and to assess the steps involved to create an action plan.

I’m at my best when I’m creating spreadsheets and timelines and ensuring tasks stay on track. I look at the potential risks and pitfalls along the way and make sure that team members are alerted, and that we create solutions.

I’m a dedicated Rotarian, so “service above self” is paramount in my daily life.

Linda is very much a strategic professional who looks at the big picture of the meeting or project and plans accordingly. She then turns her attention to the details and misses nothing! She is an excellent negotiator, is patient but firm, and did an outstanding job of dealing with a complicated, multi-party negotiation for our group that worked out to our advantage.

Dr. Gary Was

Professor at University of Michigan